Multiguard IW+ is an Integral waterproofing compound.
Multiguard IW+ makes the concrete impervious to moisture.
Multiguard IW+: Concrete Waterproofing Solutions, Integral Waterproofing Admixture, Permanent Waterproofing Solutions, Waterproofing Additive, Anti-carbonation and Anti-corrosive Additive.
Faster, economical and more reliable
Built-in Corrosion Protection
Permanent Leakage Protection
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Multiguard IW+ makes the concrete impervious to moisture.

Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials, used on everything from residential basements and foundations to tunnels and water treatment plants. Although hard and dense, it is a porous material which makes it highly susceptible to damage and deterioration from water and chemical penetration. Because of this nearly all commercial and residential concrete projects specify some type of waterproofing system.

Traditionally, contractors apply either a brush or spray-applied coating or a peel-and-stick membrane to keep moisture out after a concrete structure is casted. However coatings and membranes can be torn or damaged during backfill, could delaminate, decompose or deteriorate over time.

The best way to avoid such problems is to use integral waterproofing to make the concrete impervious to moisture. Integral waterproofing uses chemical admixtures, added to the concrete mix at the batch plant or the jobsite. Multiguard IW+ is an ideal integral waterproofing product, which is added to the concrete and plaster during the mixing. It will even self-heal minor cracking.


Multiguard IW+ offers a number of advantages over coatings and membranes. For instance, it will not be torn or damaged during backfill, and will not delaminate, decompose or wear out. By adding Multiguard IW+, one can eliminate or seriously decrease maintenance costs for the entire life of the concrete structure. It’s also useful for complex designs where sheet goods would be difficult to apply. It's biggest advantages are the absence of seams, low overall cost and the fact that it's not compromised by poor site conditions, poor membrane workmanship or worksite damage.

Price of Protection

For all these advantages, Multiguard IW+ is surprisingly cost effective. In fact, it saves so much time and money in the construction process that it’s not uncommon to shave months off the construction schedule. It can eliminate a few weeks from the critical path construction schedule. Since no time is spent waiting for surface preparation and membrane installation, backfilling and other construction steps can proceed without delay. There are other advantages as well. For instance, Multiguard IW+ product can be applied in almost any weather. Lastly, Multiguard IW+ can be considered 'green'. There’s no off-gassing, no VOC’s, no chemicals leaching into the soil. It can easily be recycled along with the rest of concrete.

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10 Benefits of Multiguard IW+

Multiguard IW+ is a smart concrete tonic, which on addition to concrete and plaster gives major 10 benefits.


Improves Workability

Product has inbuilt property to make concrete and plaster more workable at same water cement ratio.

Corrosion Protection

Special technology of IW+ keeps rebars protected from corrosion.

Avoids Cracking

Because of internal curing properties and support on better hydration of cement particles, cracking is avoided.


IW+ does not allow Carbon Dioxide to travel inside the concrete and plaster, hence no carbonation.

Arrest Raising Damp

Because of reduction in capillary action, dampness on the wall is arrested.

Strong Compressive Strength

IW+ reduces water cement ratio, and makes concrete and plaster more compact and cohesive, hence strength is increased.

Stops Water Leakage

IW+ is primarily designed for imparting internal waterproofing characteristics.

Enhances Durability

Just addition of small quantity, all damaging parameters are stopped, which makes concrete and plaster more durable.

No Layer to Get Damaged

IW+ is an additive during mixing stage of concrete and plaster, remains inside the concrete, and becomes part of the mass.

Very Cost Effective

Cost per cubic metre is almost negligible.

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Multiguard IW+ : Integral waterproofing compound. Multiguard IW Plus makes the concrete impervious to moisture. Concrete Waterproofing Solutions, Integral Waterproofing Admixture, Permanent Waterproofing Solutions, Waterproofing Additive, Anti-carbonation and Anti-corrosive Additive